Darryl A LeClair


Darryl LeClair is a Member and Manager of the Echelon companies, and serves as CEO, President and Chairman. Darryl’s ethics and force of will is a particular benefit to Echelon and our clients.  Rarely ambivalent on a topic, Darryl’s commitment to ‘get the deal done’ is the cogency you want on your side.

Prior to joining Echelon, Darryl served as CEO, President and Chairman of Echelon International Corporation (previously NYSE: EIN).  Darryl was a member of the EIN management team that both initiated the EIN public spin-off from Florida Progress Corporation (NYSE: FPC), and then closed a privatization transaction which delivered a 42% premium to shareholders.  Darryl was previously employed by FPC and served in a variety of positions including Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions and Divestitures, and as the President of FPC subsidiaries Progress Credit Corporation, Talquin Development Company, Progress Leasing Corporation and others.

As an accomplished mergers and acquisitions specialist, Darryl successfully restructured and positioned companies for sale, facilitated takeovers, negotiated acquisitions, identified and developed strategic alliances, and explored new business segments.  He has negotiated over $3.0B in acquisition and divestiture projects within the real estate, aircraft, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, building products and retail industries.

Darryl provides avid support, both in time and money, to several charities including All Children’s Hospital where he received the 2009 Belcher Award.  The Belcher Award recognizes children’s healthcare advocates who assist in the hospital’s growth and influence others to aid the cause by giving their own time and treasure to the patients that All Children’s Hospital serves.  Darryl has also received the Citizen of the Year Award from the West Coast of Florida Boy Scouts.  Darryl supports Family First, All Pro Dad with Tony Dungy, I-Mom, St. Raphael Catholic Church, the Catholic Diocese, Goodwill Industries – Suncoast, Inc., and others.

Darryl received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Florida in Gainesville.